Helen Jackson

Analytic and Research Support

Networks and complexity: UK economy as a network using input-output data, 1998-2012


Interaction and animation

  1. Explore. Hover over nodes to display sector information
  2. Rearrange the network for visibility. Drag nodes to move them, or click on 'New Network' for a different layout.
  3. See how the economy changes over time by clicking the 'Start Animation' button
  4. Display different variables by using the 'Animation options' dropdown menus

Animation options

Quantity for node and link color to display:


(Node radius is also proportional to the absolute value of this variable)

Animation speed
(milliseconds per year, default=2000, max=20000)

This diagram uses the D3 data visualisation library. It has adapted the sticky and static force-directed graph layouts by Mike Bostock, as well as a directional layout by d3noob.

About the data: Data is taken from UK Office for National Statistics Input-Output Supply and Use Tables. All values are in 2014 prices, adjusted using the Consumer Prices Index.

NB – if copying this page for your own project please remember to attribute me and delete the Statcounter code from the HTML file – thanks!