Helen Jackson

Analytic and Research Support

My approach

I apply the following principles to my work:

  • Clarity, simplicity, concision. We are all overloaded in the information age. Clients need outputs which clearly highlight important issues and findings.
  • Rigour combined with a wider perspective. I can offer rigorous analysis and attention to detail. But I also understand the importance of the bigger picture and cross-checking technical analysis with common sense.
  • Flexible support. I understand that clients sometimes need an extra hand for small tasks, sometimes a whole project, and sometimes ongoing support. Depending on other commitments, I can offer input over both the short and long term, as flexibly as possible.
  • Good upward management. I prioritise well, seek solutions to problems, factor in clients' constraints and seek to close any gap between expressed and perceived requirements.
  • Honesty, reliability, integrity I meet agreed deadlines, follow through on commitments, seek to give good value and submit honest, fair estimates of time expenditure. I seek clients who want good quality, thoughtful and truthful examination of the questions of interest to them.

How I work

I usually work remotely and communicate with clients via phone, email, skype and/or collaborative software, with occasional face-to-face meetings. I am happy to consider projects which need regular physical presence within commuting distance.

I am experienced at integrating well with project teams on a remote basis, as this was normal for my previous employer. They offered me a position on the strength and reliability of my remote freelance work.

Fees are either on an hourly basis or agreed in advance as a fixed amount. I am happy to write a proposal detailing what I think I can contribute to your project and estimating how much time this would require.